Spanish company, dedicated to electronic manufacturing components in mould label (IML) robots or/and IML moulds, is looking for distributors all over the world

30 December 2021


The Spanish company has worked on creating high-quality manufacturing equipment for more than 17 years, working nowadays across five continents. It offers innovative techniques and a well-prepared team of integral-expert specialists with wide knowledge of IML installations, injection machines, intelligent moulds and top-entry, side-entry hybrid robots.They are now seeking for distributors all over the world to share their know-how and expand their business opportunities.

Offer description

This Spanish company has been successfully operating since 2002 developing manufacturing equipment. Through the efforts of successive generations it has achieved not only national but also international presence. It's success over the years has been possible due to a well-qualified team of specialist in IML, which stands for in-mould labeling. IML is an innovative and advanced technique used in plastic pieces whose process consists in placing a label, which is compatible with the plastic resin used to produce the final part, inside the mould previous to the injection of the melted resin. When this resin hardens, the part melts with the label becoming a only body part, creating a one-material container 100% recyclable, inedible and without stickers. This technique develops a high-quality product, increases productivity and leads to a substantial cost reduction, resulting in a very interesting business opportunity. Furthermore, the company personalized systems have an important human component: its experienced team is capable of recognizing each client’s needs, providing the best suited solution for their petition, not only in product development and implementation, but also in technical assistance. The company truly believes that it is necessary to provide an outstanding service and attention throughout the whole sales and after-sales process; for this reason, they are in a constant research-and-innovation process to reinforce the loyalty of their customers to achieve the growth they pursue based on the honesty and the integrity of the company. As a way to expand its business and take advantage of new international possibilities, the company offers its know-how towards IML implementation and the provision of advise and different services, and is seeking for distributors all over the world. The distributors would be benefited from the partnering with a top IML robot manufacturer company, with wide experience in the sector and a very innovative concept for technological solutions. Previous experience in international cooperation is not necessary.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers its know how and broad experience in the sector after years cooperating with big clients towards IML implementation. In fact, it is one of the top IML companies in the world. The IML process promises 3 things: -More quality -More productivity thanks to simpler processes -Less costs thanks to High Performance equipment which significantly reduces manufacturing costs

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08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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