Romanian manufacturer of transfer pumps, flowmeters, fuel dispensers and assemblies, mobile stations is looking for distribution services, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

23 September 2021




A Romanian manufacturer of high quality of transfer pumps, flowmeters, spare parts and standard equipment, fuel dispensers and assemblies that are specially manufactured and complete stations, mobile stations and large projects is looking for EU distributors and manufacturers with a good network, specialised in the industry. It offers also subcontracting activities.

Offer description

The activity was started in 1991, developed and diverse from industrial automation, to metallic garments, taximeters, welding machines and cash machines. One of the most important product for the fuel industry was the first electronic computer for pumps in Romania, followed by many important collaborations with companies at the line of fuel pumps. Now the company are ready to offer complete fixed or mobile stations, designed, approved and built by them. The company has own manufacturing facilities and numerous international collaborations that allow to provide technical solutions. The technological line is equipped with modern machines of the last generation: - computer numerical control (CNC) milling 760x500x510mm, accuracy of +/- 3 microns, axis 4 with GSA 170 with pinola and pneumatic lock working stroke: X = 760mm Y = 500mm Z = 520mm, table size 840/500, maximum weight allowed on the table 600kg - CNC lathe with X axis 140 + 60mm, 600mm Z axis, Y axis +/- 45mm, diameter over the barrel 720mm, diameter over sledge 550mm. distance between centers 630mm, C axis, +/- 0.02 degrees, repeatability +/- 3 microns - Laser fiber cutting machine, laser cutting machine up to 10mm normal steel and 5-6mm stainless steel, 3-4mm aluminium, mass 1500x3000mm - Press Abkant with 3100mm, 80 bar pressure, bend 0.5-3mm / 3100mm sheet - metal insert gas, metal active gas and tungsten inert gas for welding operations The equipment allows sheet metal processing, mechanical processing for pipe processing, rounding of parts, drilling and threading, graphite processing, etc. They are fully executed by the company, the design and execution of electrical and electronic installations being a strength and an advantage over competitors. The company products are: Fuel stations AdBlue distribution stations Fuel dispensers for cars High flow fuel transfer pump Counters and flowmeters Additional equipment Specialized equipment Auxiliary equipment Accessories for fuel stations Equipment for measuring the level (volume) of fuel in tanks All the details of the work are established in the planning phase. The execution time varies from 30 to 60 days, depending on the availability of materials and the urgency of the project. The Romanian company is looking for medium and long term EU manufacturing agreements with partners, specialised in transfer pumps, flowmeters, spare parts and standard equipment, fuel dispensers and assemblies that are specially manufactured and complete stations, mobile stations and large projects. The company is looking for EU partners in need of high-precision metal and mechanical processing and offers such services under the subcontracting agreement as well as agents with a well-established networks to distribute its manufactured products.

Innovations and advantages

- long time experience in executed many complex works for the big oil companies - new investment in CNC equipments of last generation - customised products and prompt and competent technical assistance - capability to design and execution of electrical and electronic installations - products fully compliant with European legislation, approvals required for the production, installation and servicing of fuel distribution equipment. - integrated quality and environmental protection system in accordance with EN ISO 9001-2008 and EN ISO 14001-2005 in design and manufacturing - reasonable prices and flexible for high value projects

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03004003 Other electronics related equipment
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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