Portuguese IT development company offers outsourcing agreements

30 December 2021


A Portuguese web agency that develops tailored solutions such as custom made software, websites, online shops, graphic design, advertising, digital consulting, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media management is interested in establishing an outsourcing agreement to foreign partners.

Offer description

The Portuguese company was born in 2007 from a working group with high degree of technical knowledge and proven experience in national and internacional works in the area of new software solutions. Its team is specialized in various aspects, since the development of customized software, graphic design, web design, and business and organizational consulting. Type of services provided: - Custom-made software suits business needs that cannot be satisfied by standard solutions and also offers a set of advantages which, directly or not, will help to optimize and to better manage its partner´s business. The company has a development team focused in resolving challenges in the areas of software engineering, with the purpose of creating useful solutions that can be productable e accessible to diferent business. - Web design: website, online stores and professional portals development, combining the attractive, dynamic and interactive design with the excellent operational functionality, which allows to have a fast, simple and easy access to the platforms. - Branding: development of graphic solutions for enhancing the reputation of a brand, creating a friendly and lasting bond with customers. For a project, from the briefing, the company develops the layout and its graphic identity (logo, business cards business cards, stationary, flyers, and all kinds of promotional material) and combined with decoration and refurbishment of its exterior footprint and even customizing vehicles and uniforms of the team. - Digital Marketing: creation of campaigns with the potential of becoming virals, introducing a brand to the world. In its portfolio, the Portuguese company already worked with the following technologies:, Java, PHP, Perl, Lisp, Html/CSS, Javascript/Query/Ajax, XML, Flash, among others. The Portuguese company wishes to find companies needing a reliable specialised software supplier, or companies requiring web design, creation of online shops and e-commerce solutions, digital marketing or other IT consultancy services. They are interested in offering this under an outsourcing agreement. The company is open and flexible for various different kind of cooperation: collaboration with other companies such as web designers or companies that are looking for a professional IT department's supervisor that will ensure a fluent work of network, software and technical devices.

Innovations and advantages

The company is developing software solutions exactly adapted to the client requirements and needs. The software system developed by this company involves modern technology, aiming at new, innovative and effective solutions, being able to put their partners a step ahead in the market, responding with dynamism, effort and character to the demands of the market. The team of professionals are determined to reach the finest results on customers' needs and are willing to work until the customer's expectations are justified. The company specializes in the high-quality services for customers in order to maintain the best solutions and results.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003007 Computer Technology/Graphics, Meta Computing
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01005003 E-Publishing, Digital Content

Market application codes

02007001 Systems software
02007003 Operating systems and utilities
02007007 Applications software
02007008 Business and office software
09003002 Advertising and public relations

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