Polish producer of acid dew probe for energy sector is looking for distributors

31 December 2021


Polish company is looking for distribution partners for their prioprietary technology - the acid dew probe. The probe can be used to optimize the combustion process in power boilers fired with conventional fuels and fuels from renewable sources Partner should have experience with cooperation with an energy sector.

Offer description

The company has been operating on the market since 2014. Currently its offer includes thermal and flow measurements of machines and energy devices. The measurement results are used for the needs of customers or as input data for energy audits aimed at improving the energy efficiency of enterprises, reducing energy consumption or implementing renewable energy sources, and thus reducing the burden on the environment. It also offers a proprietary solution for measuring high temperatures in the combustion chambers of power boilers, which are used during the design and modernization of flue gas cleaning installations or for acceptance and warranty measurements of waste incineration plants. In addition, the offer includes the services of inventory of industrial facilities and testing of structural deformation using 3D laser scanning. Their new implemention, probe for measuring the acid dew point temperature of exhaust gases allows to determine at what temperature the highly corrosive acid condensate condenses from the exhaust gas. The use of the probe allows to achieve the desired parameters of the energy production process, such as high efficiency and low emission of harmful substances, including CO2. In the case of obtaining energy in combustion processes, the increase in efficiency is achieved through the maximum use of the heat contained in the exhaust gases, i.e. with their maximum cooling before being released through the chimney. In boiler technology, this is called exhaust loss reduction. Unfortunately, exhaust gases cannot be cooled indefinitely because it is associated with unfavorable phenomena. During cooling at a certain temperature, a solution of water and sulfuric acid begins to condense from the exhaust gas. the temperature of the acid dew point of the exhaust gas. Water comes directly from the moisture contained in the fuel or is produced by the combustion of compounds containing hydrogen. Sulfuric acid, on the other hand, is produced by a number of chemical reactions when burning sulfur-containing fuel. The condensation of acidic condensate causes two significant problems. First of all, the condensed out condensate is highly corrosive and causes destruction of boiler elements. Secondly, the condensate reacts with the dust formed during the combustion of solid fuels and clogs the heat exchanger elements, which worsens their work, but at the same time reduces the cross-sectional area of ​​the flue gas flow, which results in a decrease in boiler power. In order to counteract the described effects, it was proposed to use elements made of acid-resistant steel or anti-corrosion coatings, which involved high investment costs, and at the same time did not solve the problem of dusting the heat exchangers with dust. Finally, in practice, the solution is to cool the flue gas to such a temperature that acid condensation does not occur. So far, the determination of the limit temperature of exhaust gas cooling has been determined by calculation or by periodic measurements of the acid dew point temperature with devices available on the market. This method is inaccurate and does not allow to maximize the efficiency of obtaining energy. In extreme cases, optimization could not be implemented, which was due to the limited measuring range of the available devices. The described limitations were eliminated thanks to the new design of the measuring probe. The device is designed as a portable meter for cyclic measurements and a device permanently installed in the flue gas duct and coupled with the boiler control system. The probe can be used to optimize the combustion process in power boilers fired with conventional fuels and fuels from renewable sources. Company is willing to cooperate with distributors experienced within energy sector. The company expects that an experienced partner will be able to adapt their offer to the market realities in a given country and re

Innovations and advantages

- increased thermal conductivity of the measuring head material, - possibility of achieving lower temperatures of the measuring head, which allows to extend the measuring range to a level not achieved by competing devices, - installation of a heating element that prevents uncontrolled growth when starting measurements, - heating element ensuring precise temperature control of the measuring head, - lower price compared to competitors' solutions (up to 40%), - device can be adapted to work as a portable device or to be permanently installed and integrated with the boiler control system,

Technology keywords

04007001 Energy management
04007003 Process optimisation, waste heat utilisation
04007006 Low, zero and plus energy rating

Market application codes

06006002 Metering and monitoring
06006003 Heat recovery

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