Bulgarian recruitment agency offers its services under subcontracting agreements to other recruitment agencies

31 December 2021


A licensed recruitment and business consulting agency based in Bulgaria with more than 10 years of experience in the US and European labor market offers a portfolio of services for recruitment in health, ICT, hospitality and sales sectors. The agency looks for subcontracting agreements with other recruitment agencies from above sectors.

Offer description

This Bulgarian private agency is specialized in direct recruitment of personnel both for highly qualified and less qualified jobs to tackle staff shortages in different areas. It has worked successfully with companies and recruitment agencies from UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland and others. The agency recruits and operates in more than 20 different sectors with a priority in selecting highly qualified professionals in health, ICT, hospitality, sales and other industries. Its service covers all stages in recruiting, selecting, guiding and building up professional staff to offer best professional skills to its clients. The portfolio of its services includes: - consultancy services related to staff shortages - selecting and building up professional teams by providing training and internships - recruitment of personnel according to specific requirements of the clients - head hunting of highly qualified personnel and talents - support to the selected candidates throughout all administrative steps. The agency looks for other recruitment agencies in the above listed sectors for subcontracting agreements on recruiting personnel from Bulgaria. It is open to discuss opportunities with European and global partners.

Innovations and advantages

The agency has a permanent license to carry out labor brokering and to act as a recruiting intermediary. It has a solid track record of over 60 international contracts with companies and recruitment agencies from 10 countries. The agency was main contractor in EU and national projects on Human Resources development by providing trainings and internships for young employees.

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11002 Education and Training
11004 Technology, Society and Employment

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09003005 Consulting services

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