Bag in box packages for cross-industry applications offered by a Polish SME under manufacturing agreement

22 September 2021




A small Polish company specializing in manufacture of bag in box packages for food and chemical products offers its production ability and looks for distributors. The bags, which include a tap, are made of high quality materials. It is the best way to store such goods as: juice, water, comestibles, chemical substances and alcohol. All packages have attestation for contact with food products. Cooperation based on the distribution services and manufacturing agreements is considered.

Offer description

This small Polish company from plastic packing goods sector was created in 2001. This family business specializes in production of 3L, 5L and 10L bag in box containers. These bags can be used in various branches for such products as: comestibles (e. g. juice, ice cream, mineral water), alcohol (e. g. wine, beer, cider), industrial chemistry (e. g. oil, grease, glue). Thanks to such solution products remain fresh and their physical properties do not change without using any preservatives. The company is looking for trade intermediary services. New distributors and partners from food and chemical sectors are sought. The company offers manufacturing capabilities as supplier of packages of these industrial partners. Cooperation based on the distribution services and/or manufacturing is considered. Growth in sales is a desired outcome of international collaboration.

Innovations and advantages

Thanks to its experience and the cutting-edge computer technology the Polish company offers bags with a tap of the highest quality. The company uses state of the art technologies such as VITOP taps and ITAP (ball valves) in its bags. They inspect the quality of the materials used in the production on a regular basis. The bags have attestation for contact with food products.

Market application codes

07004008 Other consumer products

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