A Ukrainian producer of faux leather seeks out manufacturing agreement

23 September 2021


The Ukrainian company, specialized in the production of faux leather for furniture and medical companies, is looking for potential partners from the European Union member states interested in concluding a manufacturing agreement to produce the leather in accordance with the customer request.

Offer description

The Ukrainian SME from the south region of Ukraine offers high-quality faux leather with a polyurethane coating used in furniture manufacturing, autotuning, medical mattresses, polygraphy, etc. The unique finish gives the material additional qualities to expand its design capabilities. The leather has good hygiene and uses performance, providing maximum comfort. The material is lightfast, breathable, highly resistant to repeated bending, abrasion and scratch resistance. The faux leather for furniture upholstery has the next technical characteristics: - composition: cotton 30%, polyurethane 70%; - weight - 480 ± 20 g / m2; - breathability - 5−54 ml / cm2 hour (GOST 938.18-70); - vapor permeability - 1.3 mg / cm2 hour (GOST 22900); - hygroscopicity - 6.0% (GOST 8971-78); - abrasion resistance - more than 50,000 cycles (BS 5690 Martindale test); - resistance to bending - more than 200 000 cycles (GOST 8978); - color fastness to light - 4 points (good) (ASTM D-3597 test). Polyurethane is a material with extremely high wear resistance, frost resistance up to –35С. These properties are due to the very high mobility of the molecular network of polyurethanes, their ability to rearrange under the influence of mechanical stress or temperature changes. The desired cooperation is a manufacturing agreement. The expected result of the cooperation is contract manufacturing for EU partners, who are looking for a reliable supplier of faux leather.

Innovations and advantages

- The company has over 80 years of experience in the field of faux leather production. - Polyurethane gives abrasion rates ten times better than any genuine leather. - Service life for more than 8 years, warranty period - 3 years. - Eco-leather is air and vapor-permeable - from 3 to 34 ml, genuine leather - from "0" to 18 ml. - The flexibility, know-how and the structure of the organization allow to develop and produce highly-quality leather. - It does not burn from an unquenched cigarette.

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