A Romanian company offers glass obtained from the recycling of electrical waste through a distribution services agreement

23 September 2021




The Romanian company is located in South Muntenia region and is specialized in the collection, disassembly, sorting, recovery and recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment, especially glass obtained from the treatment of cathode ray tubes. The company is looking for partners in Europe, especially Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Greece and Belgium, to conclude a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Romanian company, established in 2007, is a medium company, located in South Muntenia region and is currently dismantling decommissioned equipment for recycling. It has collection points opened in local partnerships with both private companies and local communities (city halls, local councils). It collects all categories of electrical and electronic waste from small and large dimensions, and their treatment (dismantling) is done manually by categories of components (glass, circuit boards, cables, coils, motors, plastics, metals, etc.). The company is looking for private partners to buy fractions resulting from the treatment of electronic equipment, respectively glass from the treatment of cathode ray tubes. For this activity, the company owns an area of approximately 10,000 square meters and uses a treatment plant for cathode ray tubes. It removed any risk of contamination, such as mercury, treat and dispose of hazardous wastes that affect both human and the environment. The glass is stored in metal pallets, weighed, labelled and stored for sale. Frontal glass from the treatment of cathode ray tubes (CRT), can be used: in the manufacture of glass products, e.g. production of handicrafts made of glass, bricks, tiles, paves, glass tiles or other ceramic materials used in construction. In the production of paves and curbs it is used as a substitute for natural aggregate (sand). Thus, the company is looking for private partners to distribute the glass obtained from the treatment of cathode ray tubes abroad, under a distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The company has 13 years of experience in the collection, treatment, recycling and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Also, it has 12 years of experience in international cooperation - exporting to Europe and Asia (Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Indonesia, and Malaysia). The company has high capacity for disassembling and storing due to technological equipment owned and used space. It is acting in accordance with environmental regulations and legislation and with the adopted ISO policies.

Technology keywords

03003 Apparatus Engineering

Market application codes

03001004 Other semiconductors

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