Russian producer of suspended hammocks and garden constructions seeks distributors

15 Октября 2020




A Russian company specialized in production of outdoor life products, offers 4 products for garden construction and beautification: wood-plastic composite decking, wood-plastic composite garden beds, metal sheds, and suspended hammocks. The SME is looking for partners under a commercial agency and a distribution services agreement.

Описание предложения

Russian company from Moscow, created in 2009, is manufacturer and distributor of outdoor life products. Company has its own warehouse, factory, young team of professionals and over 1000 distributors of outdoor life products in Russia and former USSR countries. Produce and distribute products for outdoor construction and garden beautification. Product range: 1) Double suspended hammock can be applied at home or in the garden. Polyester 220 g / m². Colors available: blue, orange, red, brown, grey, green. Can be hanged to any tree or on any hook due to the carbine included. Tripod is also presented for comfortable application anywhere on the site. 2) Metal shed – complete shed in 2 hours; metal frame, that gives the shed more stability and strength (unique construction comparing to contenders with no frame) . Metal thickness 0,4 mm, frame steel thickness 0.8 mm, which also increases strength characteristics. Applied as household construction on any surface. Standard size – 3x2 m. Can be increased 1m in depth with extension module. 3) Wood-plastic composite decking – unique material ; comparing to standardly applied wood, wood-plastic composit doesn’t rust, doesn’t rot, doesn’t require so much care as a wood requires. Consists of wood floor + polymers, which gives a material almost eternal service life, high UV-stability and damage resistance. Applied on terraces, pierces, pools and any other outdoor surfaces. 4) WPC raised garden beds – unique product for garden beautification. Made of wood-plastic composite Simple as LEGO constructor, possible to make multi-level flower compositions and decorate garden . Best for private gardens and designers. Products are not objects to obligatory certification in Russia. Supplied in retail package. Russian company possesses 2000 sq.m production with more than 25 press forms and more than 45 drawplates, which helped it to gain more than 1000 partners all over the Russia, CIS and EU countries. Each year company increases its turnover and takes part in Russian and some of international exhibitions. The standard supplier conditions – EXW (Moscow). Minimal volume – 20’ container. In terms of distribution agreement looking for partners all over the world, working in the outdoor life market, such as outdoor life products Internet-shops, DIY-companies, retailers with their own warehouse. In terms of commercial agency agreement the SME is looking for the agents who has connections with wholesale companies and ready to work for the agent benefit. Profits will be directed to diversification of the product range and to the development of the current products as well.

Инновационные аспекты и преимущества

The company production: 4 production squares, over 25 press forms, over 45 draw plates. Distribution network: number of partners – over 1000 distributors; coverage area: from Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad + Kazakhstan and Belarus; partners in Europe, USA, Asia. Advantages of the SME: №1 in Russia in sales of WPC decking (30% market share); №1 in Russia in sales of metal sheds (70% market share); leading distributor of outdoor furniture (30% market share). The production: 1) Wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking: innovative material in terrace building. Comparing to wood, it doesn’t require so much maintenance and it’s service life is times longer. 2) Wood-plastic composite (WPC) garden beds: once again, WPC doesn’t rot and rust. Simplest way to organize garden bed. Gives opportunity to create multi-level compositions. Constructed as simple as puzzle. 3) Metal sheds: the only household building in the world with metal frame. The metal is thicker than any of analogues. Supplied in 2 boxes, which simplifies the process of delivery in all cases. Has the 1 m extension module. Due to the market research, the price of the metal shed less than or equal to analogue products. At the same time, our shed has a metal frame and a thicker metal.The price was achieved due to cheaper work force price and small number of SKU. 4) Double suspended hammock: withstands up to 200 kgs . Can be hanged on a tree or inside the building. Retail price of analogue product in Europe – 400 EUR. The Russian SME retail price – 115 EUR.

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